Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Well what can I say about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice…other than don’t waste your money? WARNING SPOILERS 😉

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is directed by Zack Snider and stars Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck and Amy Adams, It was a box office smash in its first weekend making a whopping $166,007,347, yet plummeted to $51,335,254 which is a 69% decrease…more than half, people. (Thanks

The film is the sequel to Man of Steel (an extreme stretch), and follows the ‘tough’ rivalry between Batman and Superman post Metropolis desecration. Throw in some new yet sadly uninteresting characters like Alfred played by Jeremy Irons and Alexander Luthor played by Jesse Eisenberg and you have yourself a long, long, long, long *yawn* long, long superhero film. Thanks DC.

So as you can tell by my writings so far, and probably by the general public reactions, this film is bottom line, not good. DC (or should I say Zack Snyder?) try and sort of fail and bringing the masses a story that we can connect to, be excited about or even want to pay to see more than once.

And before I get a barrage of messages (because my blog is so utterly popular) about how I’m a bias Marvel fan who doesn’t like the dark grittiness of DC, yes I am always going to be slightly bias, but incorrect, I do love the dark stuff. In fact, The Dark Knight is one of my favourite films of the decade. But there is dark and gritty and then there is, well this.

Let me begin by stating what is good about this film, and what I liked, starting with Batman. The strongest thing about the movie was Ben Affleck’s performance as Batman and Bruce Wayne, so thank you, Mr. Affleck, for proving all the haters wrong and proving me correct. The opening scene to the film is instantly one of its best and Affleck’s take on a darker, killing batman proves likeable among audiences. So bravo. Secondly we have Wonder Woman. Although Gal Gadot’s character had zero point in progressing the plot other than to look bad ass and give us a glimpse of the fighting goods, it was nonetheless entertaining and powerful. Her performance, and fight scenes were a spectacle and took me out of the confusing plot line which I was thankful for.


Now onto the bad (yep that was pretty much all the good). There are a million and one plot holes in this story, thus it feels like a gobble-di-gook of comic book info is being thrown at the viewers faces from the screen….and we’re meant to take it. Notice that the only people who really like this film are Superman and Batman fanatics? Yeah that’s because only they will understand what the F is going on half the time. Being a novice in DC I picked up a few hints here and there but the average watchers became confused and took things completely differently to how they were intended due to their presentation in the film.

What made things particularly difficult to grasp was Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Alexander Luthor. Yes that’s ALEXANDER not LEX as I’ve been forcefully told by the fans that this is Lex Luthor’s son. But does that mean he should be played like the Joker? The insane tangents and tyrannical behaviour drew away from the films story and almost, no, DID become comedic. Amy Adams reprisal as Louise Lane was equally annoying as she flounces around Gotham and Metropolis looking for information on a bullet (ugh, don’t ask), and her character becomes this side note, almost last-thought-to-the-story type performance.

The film is visually beautiful, no doubt Zack Snyder can set up a gripping shot, but this film was so untidy and muddled. The transition from shot to shot was incoherent and the film didn’t flow. Having said that, it represents itself much like the pages of a comic book. And in this sense, yes it succeeds, but we can’t let it get off that easy. Comic or not, the film needs to be accessible to unaccustomed audiences, and the quick cuts and disjointed dialogue and confusing scenes does not bode well for this films flow.

Batman V Superman is many stories crammed into a droning two hour film.  Somewhere amongst the mess there is a Man of Steel Sequel, a new Batman Story, a Lex Luthor origin story, A Louise Lane & Clarke Kent story and a Justice League origin story. No doubt this is all building the DCCU (DC Comics Universe), yet unfortunately it is just too much for one viewer to handle. And as much as I prayed and hoped that this movie would live up to trailer expectations, it falls short of stardom, which is clearly evident in the diminishing box office and general critic reaction. I am still confident though, that we will see a good DC film in Suicide Squad which opens August 3, but if there is anything I’ve learned from this it’s that nothing is certain with DC.

Who’s excited for Captain America: Civil War this May!?

Too soon?

Sorry DC, you just don’t have me convinced yet.




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