Get Out (2017)

From the mind of comedian Jordan Peele comes GET OUT, the thought-provoking, brilliantly horrifying film smashing the tomato meters…and yeah I said COMEDIAN JORDAN PEELE, you know Key and Peele? You might laugh in a scene here and there but trust me, this is film is a shocker.

The story follows Chris and his new girlfriend Rose, as they make a ‘meet-the-parents’ venture to Rose’s childhood home and the Armitage family. Immediately there’s an obvious uncomfortable struggle with their interracial relationship (CUE SUBTLE RACISM) and Chris begins to doubt this whole family’s quietly mortifying behaviour…like something real fishy is going on here. The title expresses so much of what the story is about here, to GET OUT of whatever unnerving situation is before you on the screen; it’s definitely all about the anxiety and the white knuckles clutching to the seats for the audience…entertainment that is so sickening but you can’t look away. And what does that say about you?

Peele defies traditional cinema, the imagery of this film is beautiful and at the same time unnervingly twisted. It’s like jumping on a rollercoaster in the dark, you have no idea what’s going to happen next, and it’s never what you expect. The film stars Allison Williams from television’s Girls, Daniel Kaluuya (who is brilliant by the way, you may have seen him in Black Mirror), Bradley Whiteford and Catherine Keener. An odd bunch of actors thrust together, each one carries the film differently, all so confident within their character portrayals and that is what makes this film so believably horrifying.


Think films like Seven, American Beauty, Gone Girl, Prisoners, Donnie Darko, The Shining…these psychological thrillers carry within the same vein of this film, which will no doubt develop a cult following. It’s mind bending, thought-provoking, nail biting cinema viewing. And there is SO much to dive into; race, gender, philosophy of the mind and body and soul. This film sparks debate, opens up conversations. When the film was over in our viewing session, people were still planted in their seats, discussing in detail what they just witnessed. Peele as shot himself right to the top with this incredible masterpiece, which I will most definitely see again.

Hands down Get Out the most unique, original screenplay I’ve had the pleasure of viewing in years, and I cannot recommend it high enough. Please pay the $20 to see this film, we need more winners like this in cinema these days.

★★★★ 1/2




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